“After being in the area for 30 years, we decided to rebuild. In consultation with Kynnersley Builders we chose our design and built in 2010. From start to finish we were most impressed with their professionalism and attention to detail. At all times they were approachable and the finished product has surpassed our expectations and all those who have seen it.

Our home is a pleasure to live and entertain in and that is thanks to Kynnersley Builders expertise.”
R & A Mudge

“After a period of some 50 years, a major and challenging relocation from Melbourne commenced. Securing our land through local real estate agent J. Canavan, he made a recommendation to contact a local builder, Kynnersley Builders, regarding our new home.

What at first was considered an arduous task was however soon dispelled by the immediate rapport we had on meeting with builders, David and Nathan Kynnersley.

From our detailed concept plans presented, arrangements were made to visit their Melbourne based Architectural Draftsman for creation of formal drawings. Production of these formal drawings allowed for an on site inspection with builder to utilise the most suitable position for our home.

From the builders wide ranging and clear accumulated knowledge of construction and materials, decisions were made with confidence providing an apprehensive relief.
Following commencement of slab through to the finished home, the quality, care and patience demonstrated by a dedicated team of professional trades personnel was certainly apparent. Their guidance and quality control by Kynnersley Builders cannot be strongly emphasised enough.

When occupation day arrived, we found our home cleaned to spotless condition that made the whole transition a completely stress free and satisfying experience.
Should a new home contract be signed with Kynnersley Builders, an inspection of our home may be arranged with them to enable an inspection of their fine workmanship and knowledge in home building.

As a consequence of our experience in home construction, we make a strong recommendation for Kynnersley Builders without hesitation.”
J.C & J.A Munro

“With regard to the contractors and tradesmen, we can only say that they were all fantastic.  Their workmanship was excellent under your careful guidance Nathan, but what was truly lovely is that they were all polite, courteous and tidy – many of our friends commented on how lucky we were to have you.

The house itself has proven to be an outstanding success through the four seasons.  The solar passive orientation, the selection of building products expertly installed and the design of the floor plan has given us a light, airy, warm home that is easy to maintain and cost efficient, leaving us plenty of time and space to entertain frequently.”
Marian and Noel Willaton 

“We are so glad that we chose Kynnersley Builders to build our dream.  Why?  Here’s why:

 – David and Nathan have an enviable reputation for producing good homes.  It’s something they cherish – they know that good reputations take years to build and minutes to destroy.  They don’t take shortcuts.
 – We had seen a couple of their builds prior to signing up and were impressed with the quality of the finish.
 – David and Nathan were both very easy to get along with, always available to answer any questions, and always provided excellent advice when it came to choices in materials, finishes or techniques.  They saved us a small fortune in doors, supporting frames and the like, once a professional’s eye was cast over our ‘wish list’!
 – The final quote for the house included all the contractor quotes, all laid out in detail.  There was nothing hidden from us at a critical decision time.
 – Once our home was complete, it was smack on budget.  We were ecstatic – and very relieved!

This is our home – it was made to feel like a home because it was built with pride.  It’s really summed up in a conversation we overheard between one of the chippies and his apprentice one day.  He was telling the apprentice that “you build a house as if its your own”.  This is the pride that Kynnersley Builders take in building your home.  We thank them every day as we enjoy the fruits of their labour.  We would recommend them to anyone that wants a quality home.”
Chuck and Denise Kramarczuk


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